User Management and User Permissions


Administrators of Organization and Project

In Haahtela PRIS system the administrator of a project published from the Rakennuttamistieto system is the publisher of the project. If the Rakennuttamistieto system is not available, the administrator will be assigned by Haahtela-kehitys Oy as per the instructions of the customer. Projects can have many administrators and the administrator can assign the administrator rights (project management rights) to the other project parties either when adding a new person to the project, or by using the User Permissions functionality.

The administrator of the Haahtela PRIS system has the authorization to

  • add new users to a project
  • define the User Permissions and user data
  • remove users from a project
  • edit the default payer information of a project and copy orders
  • edit the copying companies of a project.

The administrator(s) of an organization can also be assigned by Haahtela-kehitys Oy. In addition to the administrator rights, the administrator of an organization is authorized to

  • view the publishing key of another user (Kiinteistötieto)
  • assign a project to a suspended state or to be archived
  • set up a project/item from within the PRIS system
  • edit the folder structure
  • The administrator of an organization can also be assigned to get the User Permissions of all the projects of an organization automatically.

Adding Users to Haahtela PRIS™

There are two ways for the administrator to add new users. First, the Admin can click the Settings icon in the top navigation and then select Add User. Alternatively, Admin can click the "i" icon in the Select Project view.

When adding a new user, Admin must provide the first and last name, organization, and email address to the new user. Additionally, the user's folder tree permissions are defined in this window.

It's important to provide a correct email address when adding a new user. Haahtela PRIS™ will automatically generate a password for the new user and send it to them via email. This message will also include information about the projects the user is authorized to access. If the user has been previously assigned to one of the Haahtela PRIS™ system projects, their password will remain unchanged.

When adding a new user, it's possible to search for users from other projects within the organization using their first name, last name, and email information.

Distribution of User Permissions

Admin can assign user permissions for Haahtela PRIS™ by clicking the Settings icon and then selecting the User Rights link. This opens the User Permissions window.


The user whose permissions Admin wants to modify can be selected from the dropdown menu. If Admin wants to copy user rights from another person, they can select that person from the "Copy rights from person" dropdown list. Then, the user rights of the selected person are directly copied to the person first selected. If a project uses user profiles, they can also be copied to another person using the dropdown list at the top right.

User rights can be assigned for the first level of the tree structure, in which case the levels and groups below the first level inherit the assigned user rights. It's also possible to assign user rights separately for a child by clicking the button in front of the folder. This opens the sublevels and user rights can be assigned for them separately.


There are three levels of folder user rights:

  • No rights: the user can't access the folder at all.
  • Read-only: the user can view documents and save them on their computer but can't modify document data or add new documents.
  • Read and write: the user can read, save, and update documents. They can modify only those documents which they have stored themselves.

In addition, Admin can assign folder control rights to the user. This authorizes the user to read, store, and update documents and modify documents regardless of who stored them. Admin can also assign a list of drawings permissions for each folder.


User Permissions of the Worksite Diary

  • Having read and write permissions for the Worksite Diary folder doesn't authorize the user to add pages to the Worksite Diary. However, with read and write permissions, users can view and print pages of the Worksite Diary.
  • Only the Responsible Foreman is authorized to add pages to the Worksite Diary.
  • The Supervisor can modify the Supervisor section of the Worksite Diary until the Client's representative has confirmed it.
  • The Client's representative cannot modify the Worksite Diary data but has the right to confirm a page of the Worksite Diary.
  • Once the Responsible Foreman and the Client's representative have confirmed a page of the Worksite Diary, it's no longer possible to delete the page or change its data.
  • If the Supervisor has been assigned the Client's representative rights, they can also confirm the Worksite Diary.


User Permissions of the Timetable Control

In the Timetable control section, the user's permissions can be set to either read-only or read and write access. If the user has read and write access, they can add new tasks to the timetable. Additionally, the user's permissions for acknowledging completed tasks can be set separately.

User Permissions of Deliveries

In the Deliveries section, the admin can choose whether or not the user can create copy orders. If the user is allowed to create copy orders, the admin can also set who will pay for them. The user's permissions for creating eTenders can also be set here, along with who will pay for them.

User Permissions of Worksite Deliveries

In the Worksite delivery section, the user's permissions can be set to allow them to create and modify orders meant for worksite deliveries. If the user has read and write access, they can create new worksite deliveries and modify their own. With administration rights, the user can modify all worksite deliveries, assign baskets into worksite deliveries, remove them from worksite deliveries, and create new worksite deliveries.

User permissions of the List of Drawings

In the List of drawings section, the user's permissions can be set to allow them access to the List of drawings functionality. If the user only needs access to specific folders, the List of drawings checkbox can be selected for those folders. The user's permissions for all the data of the List of drawings can also be set separately. After setting these permissions, the user can only access documents published in the List of drawings from the selected folders.

User Permissions of the Work Security Section

In the Work security section (TR- and MVR-metering), the user's permissions can be set to allow them to view and print TR/MVR measurements (with read-only access) or to add new pages to them (with read and write access).

Project Admin and Design Branch and Drawing Category Control

  • In the Project Admin section, the admin can define whether or not a person is an administrator. Administrators have the ability to add/delete other users, assign user rights, and edit/delete/move all project documents, regardless of who stored them. Additionally, administrators can edit the user info of other project parties and define the info of the default payer of the project.
  • In the Design branch and drawing category control section, the user's permissions can be set to allow them to add, modify, or delete design branches or drawing groups in the List of drawings section. Anyone authorized to add documents can also add new drawing groups when adding documents. 

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